Sorry for the Absence

Hey everyone,

So sorry for the absence.

How is life treating me after Peace Corps? Things are starting to become a lot smoother but I am of course getting myself over involved. I just have too many interests!

Why haven’t I been blogging? Well, I have actually. Just in a different place.

Ten days ago I launched my new project The Manly Green.

I’ve been putting my free time into that site and trying to figure out how to grow an audience and community around my new blog.

The Manly Green is a holistic men’s lifestyle, health, and wellness resource with an eye towards the environment. The content can of course be used by both men and women alike, I just wanted to add a males voice to the topic of green living, since there seem to be so many strong female voices already out there.

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Deodorant- Fresh Today, Cancer Tomorrow?

Is your deodorant going to give you cancer or lead to Alzheimer's? That chemical cocktail you're smearing under your arms may be doing more than fending off body odor. Your skin not only excretes sweat but absorbs chemicals as well. What are you actively putting on and in your body and what other options do you have?

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