DIY: Leather Belt Camera Strap

It has been more than a month since I posted anything new. After completing the 21 Days to a Manlier Green series, I was a little burnt out. Then, wrapping up two graduate degrees and moving took over my life. I couldn’t, however, let the month of May get away from me without posting.

A few weeks ago, someone from reached out to me, after finding the work that I produced here on The Manly Green. People are actually seeing what I am producing and they appreciate it! That’s a pretty awesome feeling.

So, I thought I’d make my first instructable and post the link here. I hope you’ll enjoy this new type of post and addition the blog. Let me know what you think.

Leather Belt Camera Strap

Leather Belt Camera Strap 32My photographs will never find themselves in National Geographic, but I happen to think I’m a decent photographer. My camera has seen a lot of adventures, taken a beating, and keeps capturing the world around me.

Rather than keep using the standard camera strap that came with my camera, I wanted to upgrade my camera strap to something that matched all my rugged travels. Taking an old worn leather belt, which I was going to toss, I made a new leather strap for my camera.

Here is how you can make a leather belt camera strap…

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