Day 3: Cook a Local Meal

This post is part of the 21 Days to a Manlier Green series

Today, on your path towards a greener and manlier life, cook a meal from local ingredients.

Every man should know his way around the kitchen. There is no excuse.

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Australian Antarctic Expedition members in the kitchen

Don’t know how to cook? Learn!

How have you figured out everything else that you know how to do? One small step at a time, with trail and error, falling down and picking yourself back up.

As I see it, the worst that is likely to happen would be that you end up making a bad tasting meal. I’ve made many bad tasting meals as I’ve progressed as a cook, but with time, their frequency has become less and less.

Already know how to cook? Great! Learn more!

Why Should Every Man Know How to Cook?

What are our 3 basic needs? Food. Shelter. Water.

If you currently find yourself in the developed world, water shouldn’t be an issue for you. Turn the faucet and out comes clean water. You should be humbled to have this luxury.

Shelter? Given that you’re reading this blog, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you have a home of some sort. A home that you most likely bought or rent, rather than building.

You don’t have to worry about water. You have a roof over your head. With food, however, you have some options. Cooking gives you an opportunity to take something key to your survival into your own hands.

Are you going to live a life dependent on takeout or frozen dinners? Sure… you could, but you’ll be spending a lot of money, generating a lot of trash, and be unhappy about your waistline.

Cook A Local Meal - The Manly Green - Tyler LloydLearning to cook at home will save you money. For $20 I can easily make more food than I’d otherwise be able to purchase at a restaurant – I’m talking real food here, not $1 menu.

Learning to cook will bring you closer to your food and lead to less waste. No more pizza boxes or fried rice cartons. Now that you’re shopping at your farmers market (Day 2: Visit a Farmers’ Market) and eating more local and organic food, you’re doing a great service to the environment (and local economy).

Want six-pack abs? Want to lose weight and turn heads, causing people to exclaim, “You look great! What have you been doing?” Learn to cook.

Knowing what goes into your food is going to make a world of difference. Of the whole “diet & exercise” deal, its more of a 70:30 split rather than an equal 50:50 divide. Eating real, whole, unprocessed foods is going to make you feel great. Man didn’t rise to the top of the food chain on a diet of twinkies, he did so on a diet of fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Learn to Cook : Save Green. Be Green. Get Lean. 

Cook a Local Meal

Cook aLocal MealAs you either start your cooking journey or further refine the talents you already hold, I’m going to suggest that you head to your local farmers’ market to pick up ingredients (Day 2: Visit a Farmers’ Market).

The selection at the farmers’ market will change throughout the year and you’ll come across new ingredients. Cooking with the season will force you to try new things. Take these new foods on as a challenge. Ask the farmer for advice on how to cook what they’re selling. Or, use an awesome resource called Google.

Better yet, try out some of my recipes here on The Manly Green:


Our lives are not in the lap of the gods, but in the lap of our cooks. –Lin Yutang

Take charge of your life.

Eat well. Laugh often. Love much.

Photo Credit: Tam Tam