Day 14: Declutter Your Mind

Just as much as I seek to declutter my physical life, I constantly have to work to declutter my mind. I regularly day dream and find myself floating through a series of thoughts. Many times this mental meandering yields some good ideas, other times it only serves to distract me. Compound my day dreaming with all the normal life stuff we each juggle, and my mental space soon becomes cluttered.

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Day 13: Declutter Your Home

I find it difficult to do work when I am surrounded by a mess. I either get distracted by the mess itself or use cleaning and straightening as another excuse to keep me from doing work. Right now actually, as I am writing this post, I am surrounded by clutter. That clutter, however, is a result of decluttering. I'm one step closer to decluttering my home and living a simpler, happier life.

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Day 12: Tune-Up Your Bike

General bike tune-up skills will take you a long way. I like to summaries a bike check into the following basic idea: the parts that move should move freely without sound or friction and the things that aren't supposed to move should be snug and tight. Here is a Daily ABC Bike Checklist to make sure your bike is tuned and ready to roll. Doing these quick checks each day will ensure that your bike rides smoothly and is safe.

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Day 11: Make More Eco-Friendly Coffee

I remember when my mom first let me try coffee as a child. I was young, it was just a sip, but I was hooked. That was the start of my love affair with the those magic beans.

As an environmentalist, however, I want to make sure that my coffee drinking habits aren't causing a nasty environmental impact elsewhere on the globe.

I'll take my coffee black, hold the deforestation.

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Day 10: Drink A Green Beer

Beer is thought to be the first fermented beverage with a history that begins soon after humans began cultivating grains in Mesopotamia. Hammurabi’s code even included laws regarding beer, stating that beer parlor owners who overcharged customers would be punished by drowning. You don't have to drink beer to be a man. But, if you are going to reach for a malted brew, make sure your beer is green.

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Day 9: Volunteer

Perhaps you are thinking that altruism doesn't exist anymore and humans are far too selfish for this. Maybe so, as we often seem caught up and lost in ourselves in the age of social media, but a greener, informed lifestyle comes with responsibility, civic duty, to contribute positively to the greater good of all.

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Day 8: Write a Handwritten Letter

Long gone are the days of relying on letters to transmit messages. Technology and social media have provided us with ever-expanding ways to communicate with those around us.

But that type of communication feels cheap to me. It doesn’t stand up to the quality of a hand written letter.

The great men of history were letter writers and you should be too.

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Day 7: Build Something

Building is part of who we are. Look around you. We built that stuff. Building and creating allows us to express ourselves, to improve our surroundings, and to learn. When is the last time you created something with your own hands? I like to think of myself as a builder. Not only do I enjoy creating with my own two hands, I'm working to build a life and lifestyle that I love. Today, build something.

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Day 6: Shine Your Shoes

Every man needs to own a few pairs of nice leather shoes. You want shoes that are both classically styled and rugged - much like you are, right? Just as you take care of yourself, taking care of your shoes will ensure that they see many more miles. Shining your shoes is a relaxing way to unwind in the evening. The next morning, you'll wake up to a shiny pair of shoes and you'll be ready to conquer the day. Here's how

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Day 5: Take a Cold Shower

How do I limit my shower time? Cold showers, and I force myself to take cold showers even though I hate them. Cold showers are, however, not a selfless act in favor of saving the environment. I take cold showers because they build my will power, improve my health, increase my testosterone, and are a shock to my system that wakes me up in the morning.

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