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Peace Corps can grant volunteers with a very liberal schedule (depending on your placement and work assignment). Depending on how lazy a volunteer chooses to be, it might be possible to achieve a service comprised of 98% free time. I, however, have worked hard to stay busy and start projects within my community. That being said, I still have a lot of free time. I’ve tried to fill that free time with self-improvement activities. I’ve always tried to consciously improve how I live. From diet and exercise to productivity and relationships, I’m always searching for ways to make my life just a little bit better. In Burkina, I workout a ton, force myself into new experiences, read classic and not-so-classic literature, and have digested a lot of self-help and motivational material via books and podcasts.

One of those classic motivational ideas is “to live as if you only have one year left to live” or some other variant there of. After coming across this idea again and again and then listening to a podcast that challenged listeners to write a bucket list, I decided to do just that. I made a list of the 100 things I would like to do before I die. At just barely 26 years old, I’ve already managed to live a rather amazing life. I’ve camped on the Great Wall of China, completed over 20 dives in the Great Barrier Reef, spent three days solo hiking across a tropical island, free dove with whales, paddled a week through the Everglades, had a tiger die in my arms, and lived a year in a rural African village. I love adventure and trying new things, but it’s still really hard to think of 100 things! The following is the list I came up with, in the order I originally generated. Some are odd and completely off the wall, but this is my list:

  1. Train karate for one month in Okinawa, Japan
  2. Rebuild a three-person sleeper sailboat
  3. Learn to sail
  4. Spend a month island hopping in a sailboat
  5. Skydive
  6. Hike Appalachian Trail
  7. Compete in Cross Fit games
  8. Be able to bend over, legs straight, and place my hands on the floor
  9. Write a New York Times bestseller
  10. Create a documentary
  11. Travel the Amazon by boat
  12. Spend two weeks in nature in complete solitude
  13. Learn to breakdance then take part in a dance battle
  14. Own only 100 things for three months
  15. Have dinner with the current President
  16. Appear on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox as an “expert” in my field
  17. Appear on the cover of Men’s Health, Fortune, or Esquire magazine
  18. Cage dive with great white sharks
  19. See a gorilla in nature
  20. Hike for a week in Glacier National Park
  21. Compete in an Olympic games
  22. Learn Arabic
  23. Backpack across Europe
  24. Spend time living in rural France
  25. Learn Chinese
  26. Live in Australia
  27. Invent something and patent it
  28. Learn to play poker well, then win a poker tournament
  29. See all the safari big five mammals in Africa
  30. Learn to write perfectly with my left hand
  31. Visit Antarctica
  32. Make it to basecamp on Mt. Everest
  33. Be happily married
  34. Be featured in National Geographic
  35. Eat blowfish sushi
  36. Drink the world’s most expensive coffee
  37. Learn to play the mandolin
  38. Speak on the Senate floor
  39. Get a Ph.D.
  40. Be a professor at an ivy league school
  41. Explore Patagonia
  42. Climb Half Dome
  43. Study Buddhism in Asian temple
  44. Learn kickboxing in Thailand
  45. Own a Tesla Roadster
  46. Have a house that surpasses LEED platinum certification
  47. Learn Japanese
  48. Be fluent in French
  49. Study Brazilian jujitsu in Brazil
  50. Sail the Mediterranean
  51. Learn to do a backflip
  52. Do 20 consecutive handstand pushups
  53. Build a custom bicycle from the ground up
  54. Restore a classic motorcycle
  55. Give $100,000 to a charity
  56. Buy a forested area, grassland, or wetland to protect
  57. Have a bust of myself made
  58. Learn how to sword fight
  59. Push the button for a controlled demolition of a 5+ story building
  60. Have laser eye surgery
  61. Explore Aztec ruins
  62. Complete an intensive survival course
  63. Build a piece of furniture
  64. Backpack across India
  65. Win a Nobel Prize
  66. Have cosmetic oral surgery
  67. Learn to swim really well
  68. Ride a horse long distance across Mongolia
  69. Learn Spanish
  70. Write a cookbook that yields $10,000 in profit
  71. Own a saddleback briefcase
  72. Complete a Tough Mudder-type race
  73. Go to space
  74. Learn to shoot a longbow with deadly accuracy at 100 yards
  75. Learn the art of bonsai
  76. Learn to start a fire from scratch
  77. Visit Northern Africa (Egypt, Morocco)
  78. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
  79. Get a tattoo
  80. Drink my way across the Bourbon Trail
  81. Throw the opening pitch for a MLB game
  82. Compete in a MMA fight
  83. Fast for 3 days
  84. Catch a yellow fin tuna
  85. Visit all 50 states
  86. Learn to surf in Hawaii
  87. See an active volcano
  88. Explore the Galapagos Islands
  89. Bike across America
  90. Drink nothing but juice for a month
  91. Write an autobiography
  92. See a tiger in the wild
  93. Spend one month in Spain
  94. Go to a Super Bowl
  95. Sit on Millionaires Row for the Derby and take part in the related parties
  96. Visit the North Pole
  97. Spend three months in China
  98. Value friends and experience over things
  99. Have no regrets
  100. Be happy







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