Wonderment and Appreciation of Nature

When is the last time you turned over a rock to see what animals were under it? Slugs, snails, pill bugs - these were the first specimens of my childhood study of the natural world. As I have studied the natural world, I've only learned how little I actually know. The biological systems that make up our planet are so complex, intricate, and amazing.

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The Palm Oil In Your Food Is Destroying Rainforest

Palm oil has become nearly ubiquitous in processed foods, yet many are unaware of what they are eating, leading it to be referred to as the “investable ingredient.” Going beyond food, palm oil is added to other household items. Not only are the foods that contain palm oil typically bad for your health, they're bad for the environment. How much palm oil are you using day-to-day?

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DIY: Leather Belt Camera Strap

My camera has seen a lot of adventures, taken a beating, and keeps capturing the world around me.

Rather than keep using the standard camera strap that came with my camera, I wanted to upgrade my camera strap to something that matched all my rugged travels. Taking an old worn leather belt, which I was going to toss, I made a new leather strap for my camera.

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Day 21: Happy Earth Day

A lot of environmentalist try to shame and guilt people into action. They highlight all the horrible things we are doing to the environment and call for people to take swift action, less the world crumble beneath our feet.

Today shouldn't be about doom and gloom. Today should be about celebrating your planet and all that it provides for us. Clean air. Clean water. Food. Shelter.

Thanks, Mother Earth.

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Day 20: Audit Your Waste

Some people have gone to the extreme of living a Zero Waste Life. This kind of lifestyle takes a lot of change. It is not a switch you can make over night.

I am not suggesting that everyone needs to go zero waste. Rather, I would like people to start reducing their waste.

It is, however, sometimes hard to realize how much we are wasting, day-to-day.

Today, audit your waste.

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Day 19: Grow Something

Agriculture gave birth to modern society. We settled down and began cultivating crops and villages sprang up around our fields. These villages became towns and then grew into cities. In the modern city, however, plants seem to be at odds with cement. Today, help to reclaim our 15,000 year heritage of growing stuff. Cultivate your green thumb. Grow something

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Day 18: Bike to Work

More and more of my generation are giving up on the idea that owning a car is a marker of making it in the world. Even if you aren't able to give up driving, maybe you can take steps to drive less. If you live close enough to your work to bike, I suggest you give it a try. Before hitting the road, make sure you know how to stay safe. Just like driving a car, there are rules and guidelines you need to follow when biking. Here is the Ultimate Guide to Bike Safety

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Day 16: Suit Up

If you have a suit, you need a reason to wear it. The best reason? "Just because."

You're a man. Make your own reason. Call up some friends and tell them you all are suiting up and going out for drinks. Arrange a classy date night with your significant other. Hell, just put on a suit and head to the grocery store, then watch how people react differently to you, how differently you feel.

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