2015, Back From A Break

lbokel / Pixabay

It has been more than a month and a half since I wrote a post for The Manly Green. My lack of posting, however, was not from a lack of want but rather being busy with graduate school finals as well as the holiday season. Furthermore, I felt hypocritical about writing.

Once life became busy, I started moving away from what I consider to be a Manly Green Lifestyle. I wasn’t living a life that was in concert with this blog. I had fallen off my horse.

What was I doing? Was I burning my trash, cutting down forests, riding around in my Hummer? No.

I was, however, eating a lot of crappy junk food. I was buying things that were convenient and easy. My workouts became sporadic.

I live behind an Arby’s. I ate a lot of Arby’s. I was living a life without conscious positive action.

I fell off my horse and I fell hard. Now its time to stand up, dust myself off, and get back to what makes me feel good. It’s the New Year, the time to recalibrate and set a course for greatness.

Upcoming in 2015

My reasons for starting this blog still hold true. I want to live a greener, more sustainable, happy and fulfilling life. I have knowledge that I want to share with others who are hoping to do the same and at the same time I also want to share my growth process.

I have a lot to learn and improve upon. I’m not an expert. I’m a student of life.

Currently, I have an ever growing list of blog topics to write about. Some that I am really excited about. I need to, however, start turning these ideas in actual content. It would be selfish of me to otherwise hold back all the insights and knowledge I’ve picked up and continue to gather.

I hope to start weekly posting new recipes and articles that talk about health and fitness, style and grooming, DIY projects, Manly Green gear, and general life related articles.

My 2015 Resolution

I’ve laid out a handful of specific resolutions for 2015, but my overarching resolution for 2015 is to stop thinking and start doing.

I spend so much time planning and preparing in hopes to avoid failure that I end up never doing anything more than having a unexecuted overthought plan.

My mission in life is to be a global leader in building an economy, community, and lifestyle which protects and fortifies human health and the environment.

Really. I have this mission written down and I read it every day. Now it is time to start acting, and this blog is one way that I can start moving forward and accomplishing my “definite chief aim” (The Law of Success, Napoleon Hill).

Your 2015 Resolutions

What are your resolutions for 2015? How do you want to improve your life?

We each have areas in our life we need to improve upon. Personally, I like to select one focused goal in each of the following areas: Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationships, Finance, and Work.

Need some help with your resolutions? Check out these great resources:

Let me know what your working on in the comments section below and together we can work to make sure 2015 is your best year yet!