Greetings. I’m an environmentalist, adventurer, and self-improvement seeker. I love making content, pushing myself into new experiences, and learning. I can be painfully neurotic, obsessive, and hyper critical of my choices – aka human. In the end, I’m trying to figure out how to live my best life, help others, be happy, and keep moving forward.


Tyler Lloyd

My Peace Corps Story


I am currently writing my Peace Corps story and developing a podcast to help others tell their story. Both projects are set to launch in July 2017.

When my book finally publishes, I will have been a Returned Peace Corps volunteer for three years. It took more than two years of starts and stops to finally start writing a memoir of my experiences. Throughout the writing process, I’ve found it extremely cathartic to reflect on my experience living 27 months abroad and hope that others will enjoy my story.

Not every Peace Corps volunteer will try to write a book as I have, but every volunteer has a story worth telling. That’s why, along with my book, I am launching the My Peace Corps Story Podcast. I want to help other volunteers tell their unique stories, both the good and the bad. Click here to find out more.

Speaking Easy Podcast

Speaking Easy is a cocktail podcast with a twist. Co-hosts Alex and Jordan are both avid cocktail party hosts, often in the company of one another, and have had several people approach them separately about sharing some of their accumulated knowledge on cocktails and entertaining.

With the addition of Tyler, the producer and social media manager, the Speaking Easy Podcast breaks down the cocktails, planning, and other details needed to throw a great party. Now that twist – we’re most definitely not professionals and we’re here to learn and grow as home bartenders with you. 


Speaking Easy Podcast - Tyler Lloyd  

The Manly Green

Several years ago, I had an idea to start a men’s green living blog. For a year, I created content for The Manly Green and loved it. Then, given changes in life and competing interests, I stopped working on this project. I’ve closed that site down and moved the content here and will continue to write about living a greener, better life.